Wednesday, November 16, 2005

EuroQuest This Week: Power!......and Fear

Jonathan Groubert was holiday last week, so......

This week's show was produced by Sarah Johnson Presented by Daniel Frankl and is all about power and fear.

At left, a day after London won the Olympic bid, the city was attacked.

You can download the program here!

Segment 1 - London Fear Factor
Since the attacks on London, the terror threat has been a staple of the mainstream media. Richard Walker traveled to London to ask if our fears are being manipulated by those in power.

Segment 2 - Revolt of the Powerless in Turkey
The predominantly Kurdish southeast of Turkey is controlled by a system of powerful figures called Agars. And for centuries, the lives of villagers have been dominated by their ruling Agar. But as Dorian Jones reports that tradition is being seriously challenged.

Segment 3 - Taking the Fear out of Fillings
Ad de Jongh specializes in treating people who suffer from dental fear, and he’s also been training other young dentists how to deal with scared patients. Queenie Scholtes met Ad de Jongh in the Amsterdam medical center.

Segment 4 - Empowerment on wheels in London’s Tower Hamlets
The local Bengali community center Jagonari usually offers English lessons and a variety skills to help women improve their lives. But now there’s a new addition to the curriculum: a course in bicycling. Radio Netherlands Fiona Campbell stopped in to see the class at the center.


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