Friday, November 18, 2005

Ayaan? Submit!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali. There is no name in Dutch politics so well-known on the world stage today. To some she’s the brave, Islam renouncing, feminist heroine who faced down the fanatics that killed Dutch filmmaker/provocateur Theo van Gogh.

Just Google her name and see the endless hits. Together they made “Submission”, the short film that got Theo killed by a Dutch-born Muslim fanatic and made her one of this year’s "Time 100 Leaders and Revolutionaries".
Now she’s at it again. In the wake of the French riots, the script for “Submission II” is ready. And this time…it’s gay. Yes, now she’s tackling the Muslim eye for the queer guy…and gal, for that matter. And this is a good thing, right? After all, it is only the Muslims of this world that have a problem with gays, right?

Oh wait, will Submission III be about the Pope? What about the 18 Anglican bishops who just sent a damning letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury for his support of homosexual vicars? That church is on the verge of a schism on the matter. I suppose George Bush will be making an appearance in “Submission IV” for suggesting a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. One can only hope that when Submission II does come, it will be somehow more even handed in its condemnation of condemnations.

As for me, I have one hope for the next film: that it will be less boring. The first one, as provocative and headline capturing as it was, would have had even more impact if you didn't nod out halfway through. Don’t take my word for it; judge for yourself at her party’s site. And if you happen to be handy at screenplays, I beg you to leave her some pointers.

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At 8:46 AM, Blogger Adam Daniel Mezei said...

JG -- hang on a sec thar -- are you trying to say that there's none of that Slickster McNugget sheen we tend to see in some of the better documentaries around the show?

I don't know if there's much of a polish you can give that stuff. It's pretty -- to bash about a cliche -- cut and dried, non? (I feel like being French today).

Submission VI --> "Reversal of Fortune."

Synopsis: Hirisi Ali accuses her adoptive NL for being the main reason why over 1M Muslim citizens have it in for men who like other men. Why? It's their liberal open-minded policies which are the main cause for instigating them, and in a delightful full-circle, Hirsi Ali goes back to her seminal beliefs and repents.

I dunno, I'm a screenwriter -- I think in scenario, not shamefulness.

Got to check out that movie...I mean, like, gag me with a spoon, like haven't you heard about it?

Everyone else has!


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