Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Living Apart Together Part 2

I'm on vacation this week, so no time to comment. Back in the office and blogging away next week Monday. Until then, enjoy this red hair.

Segment 1: French ‘Grande Ecole’ Recruits Minorities 5:23
Five years ago France’s Institute of Political Studies decided it was time to change the resolutely white, upper class profile of its student body, and reach out to the untouchables of French society. Frank Browning filed this profile of the Institute.

Segment 2: Colonial France Rehabilitated 4:38
French colonialism still has repercussions to this day. After all, many of the young men burning cars in the French suburbs were the sons of immigrants from the former empire. So, should France be proud of its colonial past? Nick Champeaux reports.

Segment 3: Germans Have Hard Time Integrating to Holland 4:16
Mira Peeters from the University of Nijmegen wrote her doctoral thesis on the integration of German immigrants. She found that most Germans have a hard time feeling Dutch, and that the Dutch themselves aren’t really helping. Thijs Westerbeek reports.

Segment 4: End of the Red Head? 5:38
Can it really be true that, as a result of migration and ethnic mixing, there will be no redheads in 50 years time? Kathy Clugston spoke with dr. Eric Sistemans.

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At 2:38 PM, Blogger Borscht said...

JG -- pity, I know the ol' EQ reselling formula -- but I've heard nearly all -- if not all -- of these segments before...shame.

I've even been collecting the playing cards you want to hear more about the EQ stories I can regale you with?

We want you back soon (where is SJ?), so we can get some fresh content -- how are things down by the Pyramids?

-- Comrade Veggie

At 1:34 AM, Blogger Borscht said...

J -- girlfriend's going to kill me, but Mlle. Clugston's got the coolest-sounding voice as well.

You must have placed something in the water glasses of the HR people over at the radio station...and/or there's a humdinger of a mandate to look for Dutch citizens who've spent enough time abroad or in other countries, or even perhaps auslander who speak a phemonenal Dutch -- or which is it, truly?

Clugston has this amazing lilt and I don't know...if you continue to feature her, my mates, my classroom, in addition to my Boss, Hana, might...well, they're going to be very happy, let's just say that.

First off, let's talk about our the content:

1) Loved the 'Grande Ecole' segment >>> it was amazing. It had a 'sarafina' or 'amistad' or 'colour purple' type of theme to it, and I loved every minute. I'll tell you who's going to really appreciate the gains made by some of these very fortune grads -- it's the third generation...not the actual attendees of the school, but their progeny will have something to tell their friends and children. Sitting around the fire in the home, the story will go something like this:

"You know, Granny came from a very poor home, and, well, she availed herself of some very special opportunities to go to architectural school. You know that shopping mall outside of town, the place were Mommy took you yesterday to shop for running shoes -- well, your Granny built it...when you grow up, you're going to be just like her..." So study hard kids, study now. There are no limits.

2) the 'pieds-noir' >>> interesting piece, had a nice education ring to it -- and it's not exactly something I know too much about...the $64,000 (less in Euros) question which results is: the Algerians don't have much of a claim in this respect, les indigenes or the pied-noirs, other than to the French government. For can we actually the matter merits much of an interest other than a news piece? Anyone else out there perhaps agree with me?

3) Germans having a hard time integrating. The German banker fellow with the accent...look, I don't think he's a really good example. There's a dude who's everything he possibly can to disguise every possible trace of his Germanness -- if it wasn't for his actually coming out onto the show and declaring openly that he's a former Frankfurt-ian and a resident/citizen of the Republic of Germany, then we'd not even know where the guy comes from. He'd be about as German as any garden-variety former German person living on the Island of Manhattan, m'kay? That's what I felt. The other lady, the Dykstra-Wagner lady (cool surname, p.s. >>> I might take it on myself one of these days -- you watch me there!), now she had way more of a case...I guess you were trying to be all balanced there...okay, if those are the rules of the game, then I'll buy that...otherwise...

4) This was the piece-de-la-resistance for me, personally. Kathy's got the most digable voice there, and you've got my vote for that sort of thing anytime. Besides, the piece was delivered with such panache -- it made me contact my sister immediately to tell her that she should be thankful to her lucky stars that she was born a red head. (I even get some red flecks in my very Roma-looking beard, with my awesome good looks, but that's because I'm a star, a superstar, an international man of myst--) sorry, I was getting a little carried away there.


** more Clugston.
** give more exposure to the blog on the show, I can't possibly be the only person with a few moments to spare and a mindful of thoughts about the amazing 25-nation Superpower.
** more gigglefests and jokes from Groubert -- the man's a juggernaut...why doesn't he lay more of it on like Velveeta?!
** can we please not recycle the segements -- OCD EQ types like me need fresh content...otherwise we have to ask our therapists to up our dosage/voltage. That's not the kindest display of humanitarian compassion, now is it?

Or is the liberal left-leaning display a mere cloying act of endearment...?

I think I'll let you answer that one yourself.

The Patron Saint of Soup

At 11:03 PM, Blogger Hana said...

Ok, seeing the picture - my new favourite colour of hair is RED! Oh wow, amazing!

At 10:52 PM, Blogger Adam Daniel Mezei said...

Yeah, but do you find it attractive on men?

At 8:49 AM, Blogger Adam Daniel Mezei said...

Found one here in Pribram.


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