Monday, December 19, 2005

The True Meaning of Christmas - Bosnian Style

A Bosnian mountaintop cabin quite similar to the one featured in segment 1 of this week's program.
Want more explanation of the term Badnjak? Click here.

I'm back!!!!! Wow, the Egyptian Red Sea is fabulous. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to escape the winter blues. I acutally swam with a dolphin. Enough!
This week's program is the traditonal EuroQuest Christmas special including a 13 minute long featurette where I learn the true meaning of Christmas after a sojurn up the side of a Bosnian mountain. Later this week I'll encode some of the video mentioned in the piece as proof I was really there. In the meantime, the audio is up in high quality. Enjoy! And...oh yeah...Happy Hannukah.

Segment 1: A Bosnian Christmas Carol 13:35
Jonathan Groubert follows his Bosnian in laws up a mountain to take part in a Serbian Orthodox tradition, he just wanted to please his father in law. But when he got there, he discovered the true meaning of Christmas.

Segment 2: Italian Cheer (Beer) 5:27
Italians first started experimenting with beer-making in the mid-Nineties, and over the last few years, specialist craft breweries have been springing up all over Italy. Dany Mitzman caught up with the director of the Italian Union of Brewers, Lorenzo Dabove.

Segment 3: A Norwegian Christmas Treat: Sheep’s Head Soup 5:11This next piece takes us to the municipality of Voss, where nothing beats a smoked and boiled sheep’s head, served whole. Lars Bevanger, truly a brave man with a strong stomach, sampled some for EuroQuest.

Click here to download the program in high quality.


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