Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Parable for Our Times

" then all of Turkey knew Yucel as the woman who had swept aside her son's choice of a bride with the words: 'I'll tell you when you're in love'." writes the Washington Post in an addendum to the January 3rd posting on a Turkish reality series that got so out of hand one contestant committed suicide. More insights into what happened in this excellent article.


At 1:27 AM, Blogger Adam Daniel Mezei said...

Great article and thanks for the reference, J.

My input:

-- I'm sure it's out there, but I'd sue to read a book which does a cross-sectional comparison of the different 'national' reality TV programs. Like, an author who might select, say, ten prime country candidates and then write about them in a nice non-fictional glossy deal published by, say, Verlag or something? Crazy? Perhaps not as much as one might think.

-- I'm left with a whole gap in the intervening period between Turk's suicide and his rise to fame -- as in, I'm sure some Turkish mag's covered it, but I'd sure as apple pie like to read an account...d'oh, you're not going to use that Goo-word on me again, art thou?

-- I'd love to have seen a couple of photos of the so-called 'striking' and 'shrewdish' blondes they're the columnist is referring to know.

-- What makes Adana so significant that Turk absconded there?



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