Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Integration Issues? Not Again!!!

At left, Dutch MP Geert Wilders. His hair: not his natural color. You heard it here first folks!

Sarah Johnson produces and Daniel Frankl present this week's show. And yes, that 'ole integration debate rears its ugly head yet again. Will it ever end? I doubt it.

Segment 1 - Politics of the Veil: Is it a crime to wear a Burqa?
The Dutch government is discussing whether to ban the burqa from the streets of Holland. As Fiona Campbell reports.
An editorial from Sarah Johnson on this subject tomorrow!!!

Segment 2 - Politics of religion vs. integration
Women wearing burqas is nothing new in the Netherlands... Why is it an issue now? To answer that question, Daniel Frankl spoke with Andre Krouwel, a political analyst and lecturer at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Segment 3 - Being a Muslim in the UK post London bombings
Has being a Muslim in London become more difficult since the terrorist attacks last July? Sarah Johnson traveled reports from the London underground.

Segment 4 - The Dutch integration debateā€¦ with laughs
What better weapon to fight misunderstanding and distrust than comedy! Kathy Clugston went to see Abderrahim Bouna and Amier Abou Yakob perform in Utrecht.
Can racism and intercultural misunderstanding be funny? Click here to find out more about the hijinks of Sjaak and Hassan...


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