Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This One's for the Ladies

At right, Hedy d'Ancona: a "lady".

That's right, this week's EuroQuest looks at the ladies. Ladies who politicize, learn to read, get painted, look at paintings, poeticize, prostitute themselves and reminisce about the bad old days before today's incomplete emancipation. That’s right, this one’s for the ladies.

Segment 1 - Hedy d’Ancona: Dutch Feminist A profile of Dutch minister/europarlementarian/outspoken feminist Hedy d’Ancona.
Hedy has even earned her own Wiki in English. Click here for more...

Segment 2 - Push to Keep Girls in School in Turkey Thanks to a new initiative backed by UNICEF and the World Bank there are a lot more girls in Turkish classrooms. Dorian Jones reports on the initiative from rural South-East Turkey where it’s estimated up to 40% of girls have never seen the inside of a classroom.
Click here to go to Turkey's UNICEF information campaign for girls.

Segment 3 - Portraits of 19th-Century Black People in Britain An exhibition in Manchester called Black Victorians shows that there were many more black people who enjoyed a higher profile than has been generally realized. Sylvia Smith visited the temporary collection of sketches, statues, oil paintings and photographs.
A separate blog entry is coming on this feature later in the week.

Segment 4 - Sexual Politics: The History of Women in the Office in Britain Since women started working in offices in the 19th century, their role has changed beyond recognition. Louise Williams went along to The Women’s Library in central London to visit an exhibition – called, what else: Office Politics.

Segment 5 - Heidi Klum and World Cup Thousands and thousands of journalists will attend the world cup this summer, three million visitors are expected, thousands of police officers are mobilized for security, and thousands of...prostitutes are ready too. And this is causing a bit of controversy. Zulfikar Abbany comments.
Official site of the World Cup 2006 in Deutschland

Click here to download this week's program as a high quality mp3.


At 7:37 PM, Blogger Adam Daniel Mezei said...

You've whetted my appetite for the show, JG...and I haven't even downloaded it yet!

Nice going! I like that you're into four segments now instead of three -- even though we've heard the Abbany piece before (wink), but your secret's safe with me.

At 4:04 PM, Blogger Adam Daniel Mezei said...

Had a chance to listen:

-- first off, Hedy's Wiki is non-existent -- I believe it's 'cached' but that's another story. In any event, I wasn't able to read up on her. She seems rather outspoken, and I think someone's got to do a film on her in the spirit of North Country, or something like that. Ya think?

-- Shocking statement: "What's a woman got to go to school for -- what's she going to do with an education?" --> shocking. I suppose it's more shocking in light of Turkey's aspirations to EU-ify. But then again, why the heck should I be so surprised -- a guy comes up to our flat to fix our broadband connection here, and you know what he does -- he tells my flatmate -- a female -- not to worry, he'll get right on it. When she asks him what's wrong...and we're talking about someone who works for a tech company here...he waves her off like she won't understand. This is the EU folks! Prague, the Czech Republic. The pearl of Central Europe! Oh well...

-- Soccer? Not bad. But I think I'm going to look forward(er) to 2010 in South Africa. Now that's going to be a celebration! Sure 'nuff!

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Jonathan Groubert said...


Fixed Hedy's Wiki link. Sorry it took me so long to get to it. As for sexism in Europe, well, it's much worse in the west then in the east. Here in Holland, the vast majority of women only work part time, if they work at all. You have a lot of highly educated ladies at home taking care of babies rather than enriching the work force simply because childcare is so poorly arranged. I understand it's no better in Germany.

At 7:25 PM, Blogger Borscht said...

JG -- then may I kindly ask how you and family are dealing with this scenario -- do you have personal experience with the shoddiness of the childcare system in Holland? Just curious...I don't mean to pry...but I'd like to get a little more perspective on the 'ish,' that's all.


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