Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Best of the Beasts

One of our "Best of...." Programs this week. In this case, we talk to the animals.

Segment 1 Animal Rights (or lack thereof) in France
Animal rights campaigners make little headway against lovers of foie gras and frogs’ legs in France. Alasdair Sandford reports from Paris on France’s uneasy relationship with animal rights.

3:03 Segment 2 - The Prague Christmas Carp Massacre
Pragues Christmas atmosphere clashes with one Czech tradition. It involves blood, gore and violence and the streets…and hundreds of giant Carp. Peter Smith reports.
Want to learn more about Christmas Carp? Click here to go to my colleagues at the excellent Radio Prague.

4:12 Segment 3 - HOPE: Retirement Home for Test Animals
Safari park, Ganzendorf, in Lower Austria, has developed a place called HOPE – which stands for ‘Home of Primates Europe’. It is the first retirement home for test animals in the world. Sarah Johnson went to see and hear for herself.

3:48 Segment 4 - Luxury Dog Kennels
People will go to unreasonable lengths to pamper their pooches. So what to do when it’s time to take that well earned break? You could send your canine surrogate child on a holiday of its own. Penny Young went along to see for herself.
Now for cats too. Click here...

4:30 Segment 5 - Gay Animals in Amsterdam Zoo
One of the arguments that keeps popping up is that homosexuality is unnatural.
After all, it doesn’t occur in the animal kingdom, does it? Wrong, it does.
Director Maarten Frankenhuis showed our Bertina Krol around Amsterdam Zoo's gay community.
Yes, even Wikipedia has a wiki on the subject.

Click here to download this week's program as a high quality mp3.


At 4:38 PM, Blogger Jenny said...

I saw this tradition to fry carp on Christmas in Czech republic when i was invited to stay in my friends house, not in one of Prague hotels. The Christmas tree is decorated in the afternoon, and in the evening, whole families get together to enjoy the Christmas meal. The meal traditionally involves carp, that unfortunate fish you see being butchered by men in overalls on street corners. I never previously realized that a fish could arouse such passions, though it's not that surprising, I suppose, given that many people end up in hospital each year with fish bones stuck in their throats.


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