Tuesday, March 07, 2006

National Identity Revisited

****Update: Next week Turkey correspondent Dorian Jones reflects on the state of freedom of speech in modern Turkey. Stay tuned.****

The Turkish government dropped its case against Turkish author and inveterate Istanbulite, Orhan Pamuk, for " insulting Turkish identity". He dared to mention that Turkey should consider its culpability in the death of a million Turkish Armenians during the First World War. A perfect example of this week's EuroQuest looking at Identity.

Segment 1 - Freedom of Speech Under the Spotlight in Turkey
Dorian Jones reports on the 5 journalists currently facing charges of "insulting Turkishness". The case has raised concerns about freedom of expression in Turkey. Dorian Jones reports from Istanbul.
Reporters without Borders Annual Report on Turkey.

Segment 2 - Orhan Pamuk: Breaking Turkish Taboos
Orhan Pamuk broke a Turkish taboo when he spoke of Turkish guilt regarding the genocide of a million Armenians during World War 1. Frank Browning has more from Istanbul.
An Orhan Pamuk fan site. It is totally unofficial.

Segment 3 - Catalonia’s Independence Bid
Many Catalans will proudly tell you that they’re different from people in the rest of Spain. But does this make a case for independence? Danny Wood investigates….
Website of the Catalan Local Government in both English and Catalan and, hey, Spanish too.

Segment 4 - Italian Pasta-making Under Threat?
La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese is the only school in Italy specializing exclusively in the art of pasta-making. It has joined forces with a local politician to save their tradition... Dany Mitzman has the story.
Receipes? Here they are, but only in Italian, I'm afraid.

Click here for a quality download of this week's program.


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