Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This Week: Under the Knife

Tarantino produced this little bloodbath set in Slovakia. The Slovaks aren't crazy about the whole idea.

Europeans going abroad for health care, the sanity of the extreme makeover questioned and gruesome horror, EuroQuest goes under the knife.

Segment 1 - Health Care Overseas
Europeans from England, Germany, and Holland are more and more going abroad for cheap, quality healthcare. Jean Parker and Naomi Fowler take up the story of the British example, starting with Avril Dollery…

Segment 2 - Extreme Makeover? Extreme Psychosis!
Thijs Westerbeek speaks with Dr. A Campo, who has discovered that those who ask for an extreme change of appearance often have an underlying and serious psychiatric problem.
Click here for Thijs's article on why plastic surgery must be monitored.

Segment 3 - Aging with Attitude in Spain
Danny Wood discovered that people in Madrid you might think of as elderly, don’t see their advancing years as any barrier to doing, well, just about anything...

Segment 4 - Slovaks Unhappy about American Horror Film
The gory horror film Hostel is set in Slovakia. The Slovaks are none too pleased about the way their country is being represented, as Rob Cameron discovered at the film’s continental premiere in the Czech capital, Prague.
Link to the film's site is here.
I wanted to link to the Slovakian Ministry of Culture but the site is still under construction.

Click here to download the program in high quality mp3


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