Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April's Fools!

Irakli Shonia looking at his father Tahles on the TV

At the behest of Moscow in the early 70’s, a scientific team in Georgia was established to investigate UFO’s and other paranormal phenomena. Led by the late physicist, Tahles Shonia, the team gathered material and studied data at Tbilisi’s Research Institute for Cybernetics. Unfortunately most of their research was destroyed during the country’s civil war, but one man is continuing the work – Tahles Shonia’s son Irakli. Our correspondent in Georgia, Guy Degen, speaks with Irakli Shonia who is determined to pick up where his father left off - unofficially and unsupported.

Here's the rest of your April's Fools lineup.

Segment 1 - Nigerian Fraudsters Rolled Up in Amsterdam
You might think that not many people would fall for email scams, but Frank Engelsman, of Internet investigators Ultrascan, estimates they rake in 1.5 billions euros a year. Michel Walraven asked him how they operate.
Here is a site devoted to routing the "Nigerian Scam" with education.

Segment 2- Bulgaria’s Organized Crime
The European Union is demanding the Bulgarian government arrest some of the country’s top organized crime bosses. If they don’t, they may not get in the EU any time soon. Deutsche Welle’s Malcolm Brabant has more.

Segment 3 - Georgian UFO Expert
Guy Degen meets Georgia’s unofficial investigator into UFO’s, extra-terrestrials and the para-normal.
A question: is Georgia part of Europe? Should Georgian stories be covered by EuroQuest? Let us know. Leave your comment below or email us at: euroquest@rnw.nl

Segment 4 - Vivian Westwood’s 65th Birthday
The Victoria & Albert Museum in London has put together the largest Westwood exhibition ever, which is on a world tour. It’s currently showing at the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf, Germany and Sabina Casagrande had a look around.
The exhibition has its own microsite. Click here...

Click here to download the program as a high quality mp3


At 7:17 AM, Blogger weatherall said...

I heard your broadcast on 05 April 2006 from 0400-0500 UTC in San Francisco, California, USA. The signal quality was excellent! (SIO 555 with a Kaito KA1102 receiver, no additional antenna). I enjoyed the joke about moving the Eiffel tower. I won't comment on whether or not Georgia is a part of Europe. I know my geography but I feel that someone living in the region would have more valuable input.

I will soon publish a reception report for this Radio Netherlands broadcast including the EuroQuest segment on my shortwave weblog: http://cobaltpet.blogspot.com/


At 9:14 AM, Blogger Jonathan Groubert said...

Thanks for your comment weatherall. Still, I would like to get a debate going. I mean, is Europe geography or a state of mind. If Georgians feel European are they disqualified by their geography?
Any comments anyone?


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