Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fat and Cigarettes!

At left, Regina Mac Nack feeding the (newly) poor at the Amsterdam Food Bank.

We're starving! We're obese! We're killing ourselves with ciggies. We're overlegislating! We're not taking the issue seriously! Well, whatever your perception, there's plenty to debate about the relative value or danger of what goes, or doesn't go, into our mouths.

Segment 1 - Scotland’s Child Obesity Epidemic
A recent study found that 1 third of twelve year olds in Scotland are overweight. More than 1 in 5 are clinically obese. Radio Prague’s Ian Willoughby reports from Glasgow.
Worrying Health Statistics from the Scottish Government

Segment 2 - Dutch Lunch Police Tackle Child Obesity
At the Valkenhorst Primary School in the Dutch city of Assen, the staff will open your lunchbox to see if you or parents managed to sneak in anything they consider to be unhealthy. Nikki Brown went on a stakeout with the lunch police.

Segment 3 - Amsterdam Food Bank Combats Poverty
Several years ago Regina Mac-Nack started a charity organisation called the food bank Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. Her job is to give food away to families that are not able to buy a meal every day of the week. She told our Bertine Krol about her job.
Pictures and an article from Bertine Krol on the Food Bank

Segment 4 - Czech and Spanish Public Discuss Anti Smoking Laws
Prague and Spain have banned smoking in public spaces. Radio Prague’s Michele Dobrovoni asked some Prague straphangers what they thought of the new rule. Christophe Schmidt reports from Barcelona.
Want to know all about EU policy regarding tobacco? Why not check out the Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General...

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