Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Have a Gay Easter!!!

Chocolate is good for you (see Segment 4) ! So enjoy this EuroQuest Easter Special with an interesting look at tolerance and the church including Turkey's seeming inability to be Christian-friendly and the church's (two churches in fact) seeming inability to be gay-friendly.

Segment 1 - Turkey Fails to Open Christian Seminary
The European Union is expressing growing concerns over the treatment of Turkey’s Christian minority. Dorian Jones reports from Istanbul.

Segment 2 - Norwegian Church Split on Homosexuality
Norway has long been at the forefront of equal rights for same couples. Now the Norwegian Lutheran state church is struggling to catch up after having been split on the issue of homosexuality for decades. Lars Bevanger reports from Oslo.
The Norwegian Church is currently featuring a debate about homosexuality on its home page in English.

Segment 3 - Anglican Spokesman Discusses Possible Schism over Gays
Jonathan interviews Canon James Rosenthal, communications director of the Anglican Communion, on the possibility of the homosexuality issue splitting the church into factions.
The Anglican Communion's statement on, among other things, homosexuality.
Segment 4 - Chocolate…Is Good for You
Scientific research shows that, not only does chocolate make us feel better, it can make you healthier. Sabina Casagrande speaks with German choco scientists.
No seriously, it really is...

And a big shout out if you're doing Passover. May your brisket be tender and your gefilte fish have much yuch.

Click here to download this week's program as a high quality mp3.

As always, feel free to leave comments below. By the way, there's an important update on podcasting coming this week. Stay tuned.


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