Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Price of Oil Is Rather High!

Just this morning I paid 1 Euro and 47 Cents for a liter of gasoline. That's 5 Dollars and 97 Cents a gallon for you American folks. Seems like a lot of money, right? Well get used to it because it's unlikely to get better any time soon. Why? That's what this week's EuroQuest is all about.

Segment 1 - Yet Another Environmental Doomsayer
A discussion about the negative impact of climate change with Keimpe Wieringa, head of the Department of Air Quality and European Sustainability at Holland's National Institute of Public Heath.
Laura Durnford wrote a story with links to the report here...

Segment 2 - Turkey Wants Nukes
Turkey’s Black Sea coast was one of the areas hardest hit by fallout from the Chernobyl disaster. And yet, it is also the site chosen for a potential new Turkish nuclear reactor. Dorian Jones has more...
There are a wealth of stories about Turkey's new reactors. So here's one agency that is for
and one that is against.

Segment 3 - Swedish Rock Energy
For years the Swedes have exploited the natural heat found in the bedrock to heat their houses. And now producers of this technology say they’re ready to take on the rest of Europe. Lars Bevanger reports from the town of Arvika, in the south of Sweden.

Segment 4 - Little German Town of Energy Rebels
Germany doesn’t really have a reputation as a sun drenched land, but that hasn’t stopped one Black Forest village from making the most of it, energy wise. In fact, as John Laurenson reports, the people of Schonau might even be called energy rebels.
Here is a link from the city itself on how they make energy. However is all in German.

Click here for a high quality download of this program in mp3 format


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