Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Other Side of the Fence

Today's EuroQuest has one side of the story, standing on tiptoes and peering over to the other side of the story and maybe seeing it their way, for just one second. Maybe they're living another lifestyle. Maybe they're moving country. Maybe they're trying not to hate. The other side of the fence in this week's EuroQuest.

Spiritual/Secular Struggle in Turkey
The shooting of two high court judges in Turkey prompted mass demonstrations. Tensions in the country have been steadily rising over concerns about the country’s direction. Dorian Jones has more from Istanbul.
Der Spiegel has a fantastic English language interview with Turkish writer/dissident Orhan Pamuk on the nature of Turkish secularism.

Polish Migrant Workers in Holland
The Dutch government took what measures it could to keep Polish workers out...but two years on, it’s clear that substantial numbers have nevertheless found their way to the Netherlands. Fiona Campbell takes up the story...down on the farm.

Belgian Asylum Seekers
Churches in Belgium are full because of an ongoing protest by thousands of asylum seekers wanting a general pardon and residence permits for all illegal immigrants. Some have even gone on hunger strike to press their point home. Remco de Jong looked for himself.

As an addendum to the two previous items, recent polls have show that there has been a steep rise in xenophobia in the Netherlands. Click here for the full Radio Netherlands article.

Jewish Muslim Friendship Bus
The Jewish Muslim Friendship group wants everyone to "get on the friendship bus": literally. It’s a bus, and it’s been on the road for the past year. Nick Champeaux recently flagged it down in the Parisian suburb of Nogent sur Marne.
Want to know more? Here's another article from CRIF- The Committee Representing the Jewish Institutions in France.

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