Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Changing Face of the European Family

I initially called the program the "troubled" European family. But that sounded to negative and judgemental. I think changing is more equitable, don't you? Leave a comment below.

Segment 1 - Dutch Mothers Don’t Work
They prefer to work part-time in order to be home with the kids, concludes a report by the Dutch Social and Cultural Planning Office. The Dutch situation is so out of step with the rest of Europe that Dutch mom Liesbeth de Bakker decided to investigate.
Liesbeth has written a report on the subject. You can find it here...

Segment 2 - Norway May Lead the Way in Childcare
Scandinavian parents view childcare outside the home as something healthy.
And this is something more Europeans had better start taking more seriously soon as Europeans are not having enough children. Lars Bevanger in Oslo investigates.
Click here for a website the Norwegian Government has created meant to explain their policy to Americans. Interesting they felt it necessary to do that.

Segment 3 - Domestic Violence on the Rise in N. Ireland
Domestic violence is on the rise in Ulster. This is why, every year, a group of women get together to draw attention to violence in the home. Louise Williams has more from Derry.
Probably the most important anti-domestic violence organization in Ulster is the Women's Aid Federation Northern Ireland.

Segment 4 - Gay Marriage Forces Spanish Rethink of the Family
A combination of modern life and progressive social legislation, in particular the legalization of gay marriage, has transformed the Spanish family in every conceivable way. Danny Wood has more from Madrid.
This has been written about widely, so the Wiki on the issue is, I think, a good starting point for further study.

Click here for a high quality mp3 of this week's show!!!!


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