Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Communcation Breakdown

What are we doing wrong? European Unity seems to be an ever more unpopular concept. Can we not do something to fix it? I'd like to hear your opinions. I promise to respond.

EU Apathy in France
Today, many French people remain suspicious of the EU’s direction and what they see as its free-market policies. The upside is Eurosceptiscm seems to be putting an end to a generation of political apathy in France. Alasdair Sandford has more from Paris.
Want all kinds of information about the EU at your fingertips? Try EuroStat!

Border Coffeeshops
The Belgium government is deeply unhappy about the growth of coffeeshops, where marijuana is sold, all along the Dutch/Belgian border. Remco de Jong has more from a coffeeshop in the Dutch border town with Belgium, Terneusen.
The last large Dutch government report on their (soft) drugs policy in PDF Format.

Traveling through a European airport this summer, you might well come across some weird and wonderful sounds and languages in story form. That’s thanks to a new EU-backed project to whet people’s appetites for European languages. Vanessa Mock went along to Brussels Airport to find out more.
An organization whose ridiculous name I won't write out, but here's the acronym, CICEB, has organized the airport storytelling. Check it out.

Esperanto Radio from Poland
Helene Michaud meets WOJTEK VSAKIEWICZ or Adalberto of Radio Polonias Esperanto service. She asks him about the world of broadcasting in a so-called constructed language.
Multlingva Informcentro pri Esperanto
Radio Polonia in Esperanto

Click here to download this week's program in mp3 format


At 5:20 PM, Anonymous BrianM said...

Will the European Union become something of a "melting pot" like the United States? In America they have peoples etnicity described as "Afro-American", "Italian-American", etc. Will we be seeing hyphernated names for Europeans such as "French-European", Dutch_European", etc.?

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Jonathan Groubert said...

Well, judging by the way you phrased that I'm guessing you think that would be a bad thing.
It seems to work for America. Why not for us?


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