Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Just for the Look of It!!!!!!!!

At left, Rembrandt's "The Two Moors". This painting features in the most comprehensive study of black faces in Dutch art. See segment 3. By the by, this is also Rembrandt van Rijn's 400 th birthday. Radio Netherlands is celebrating with a contest. A big one actually. We're looking for the Rembrandt of our time. Click here for more details at the official Website.

Segment 1 - Fashion with a Mission
Many of the women at the Fashion with a Mission workshop in the Dutch city of Nijmegen were homeless until recently. Today they’re making serious designer stuff prêt a portez. Liesbeth de Bakker reports.
The site of Fashion with a Mission (In Dutch)

Segment 2 - Ozwald Boateng
For two decades, Ozwald Boateng has been changing the face of classic British tailoring. Here he tells our Sylvia Smith about where things stand with the Boateng Empire as they tour his bespoke.
Ozwald Boateng's Official Site (requires Flash)

Segment 3 - Rembrandt’s Blacks

Helene Michaud asks art historian Esther Schreuder about how Rembrandt portrayed black people in the 17th century by looking at his two most famous paintings featuring black characters: The Baptism of the Eunuch and The Two Moors.
Helene made a web article on Esther Schreuder's work for Radio Netherlands Afrique (who knew we had that?).

Segment 4 - Cézanne in Provence
To mark the centenary of the artist Paul Cézanne’s death, a large exhibition is open this summer in Aix en Provence, featuring his best-known paintings of the local landscape. Alasdair Sandford reports from Aix.
The Aix en Provence Tourism website has loads of info in English. They know how their bread is buttered.

Segment 5 - German Shoeshine Boy
Henning Gruebl, or as he’s better known, Germany’s Shoe Shine Boy, became inspired by shoeshining after a visit to Columbia. Dressed like a 1920s New York street urchin, Gruebl showed Sabina Casagrande the true meaning of clean.
Henning (here at right) is a modern kind of shoe shine boy. He has his own site and can even be booked via an online form. Oh the humanity!

Click here for a high quality mp3 of the program!


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