Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dark Entertainment, Light Entertainment

Holy C....oh well you get it!
(having problems getting Blogger to upload images so no pictures of pretty cows like I planned, but wouldn't the above joke have been funny if I had? Not really.)
As always you can leave comments, dark or light, below...

Segment 1 - The Italian Terroist & the French Intelligensia
In France, a real life terrorist-turned-crime-writer has just published a new book -On the Run- which he acutally is. John Laurenson looks into Cesare Battisti’s appeal from Paris…
There are numerous articles about Mr. Battisti's doings. Most is in Italian or French. The best in English, however, is at Wikipedia.

Segment 2 - The dark side of Turkish reality TV
A Turkish reality TV star was found dead in a hotel room of a suspected drug overdose. Serious questions are being raised as to whether such programs really are just harmless entertainment. Dorian Jones has more from Istanbul.
BBC Radio 4 has made an excellent documentary looking at the Sociology of Reality TV. It's worth a listen.

Segment 3 - London Symphony Orchestra Teaches Tots
The London Symphony Orchestra runs many educational outreach programs for children and adults. The class called ‘Early Years’ aims to bring music into the lives of children before they go to school. Kathy Clugston was there…
Coming up this week at the LSO you can learn to play the Balinese Gamelan!

Segment 4 - Cow Show Moooooves to Paris
The cow parade is the world’s largest art event. And it’s a moveable feast that has been exhibiting life-sized cows in cities all over the world for the last few years. Allison Hird viewed the herd, this time in Paris…
The Cow Parade has its own comprehensive site.

Click here to download the program as a high quality mp3


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