Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Best of the Quest: Living Apart Together Part 1

We're "Living Apart Together" in this week's EuroQuest....or alongside or in parallel or whatever. The point is...we are not actually communicating or commisserating or whatever. Take Cyprus. That island has been divided since 1974. It seems that, for some, this division has become a state of being and end in itself, rather than a temporary blip in the island's long history. While it seems most on both sides want to see this state of affairs ended, Cyprus is proof that a status quo is hard to shake loose. But, sometimes, an odd but outstanding event comes along that makes people think and adds to the drumbeat for change. One of those events is in this week's EuroQuest. Listen and enjoy.

Segment 1 - The Last Yugoslavs
Jonathan Groubert tells the story of his first visit to Belgrade and an ethnically surprising tour of the biggest Orthodox church in the Balkans.

At right, Sveti Sava, the bitggest Orthodox Church in the
Segment 2 - Turkey’s Armenian Orphans Dorian Jones goes with a Turkish filmmaker as she researches the history or of one of those orphans -- her grandmother.

Segment 3 - Cypriot Musical Colloboration Unites Divided City The Mediterranean Island of Cyprus has been divided ever since the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974. It is precisely this divide that was the subject of a recent musical collaboration between Greek and Turkish Cypriot musicians. Tabitha Morgan was there.

Segment 4 - French Boarding School for Kids from the Projects Ever since the riots, much thought has been given to what can be done about the ennui amongst the immigrant youth in the French housing projects. One solution is boarding schools for the poor. John Laurenson reports from Lyons.

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