Wednesday, August 16, 2006

End of Holiday Special

I,m in Montenegro struggling with this Slavic keyboard, so no extra info this week. I,m going back to the beach. Hope your holiday is heavenly. I know mine,s been interesting.

Segment 1 - Dutch Caravan CrazeWherever you drive through Europe, there they are, the family car straining to pull a massive camper up the Alps, through the Provence, and down to the Spanish Coasts. All Europeans do it, but none more so than the Dutch. Jonathan Groubert reports.-

Segment 2 - Camping and Nudity Go Well Together in Germany
In Germany, nudism is a normal part of camping. Mike Mühlberger explains and visits a few campgrounds himself. Aren’t you glad this is radio?

Segment 3 - Bulgaria: Up and Coming Holiday DestinationBulgaria’s subtropical Black Sea Coast has created a building boom. But environmentalists there claim vast areas of natural beauty are being ruined. Malcolm Brabant put on his skivvies and filed this story.

Segment 4 - La Rentree: the French Get Back to WorkIf you are in France just don’t try to get anything done in August. The French have checked out while the tourists checked in. But they’re back. Well, kind of. Marjorie van Halteren explains…

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At 4:12 AM, Blogger weatherall said...

> Dutch Caravan Craze

Whenever I get the chance, I drive along Highway 1 in California, which mostly hugs the Pacific coast. Typically, it has one lane for each direction, and is a challenging drive as it goes up and down and all around, following the shape of the land. The views are spectacular! But the drive can be so frustrating if a slow and careful RV (recreational vehicle) is leading the way. It also annoys me because some of these vehicles are quite long, and therefore unable to truly stay in their lane as the vehicle navigates switchbacks.

Your descriptions of the holiday-themed segments are interesting; I shall hear them soon!


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