Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Best of the Quest Part 1: Sound Advice

A bunch of blowhards...
I'm away for the month of August and part of September so enjoy this 6 part series of repeats known as the "Best of the Quest"! This week a second chance to hear the program themed "Sound Advice". Don't forget to comment and...enjoy!

The Evolution of Music
How did we go from the songs of Gibbons to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony? And for what evolutionary reason? Madeline Amberger attempts to answer while attending “From Perception to Performance”, the second international conference on the neurosciences and music.

Recorders Made Exciting
Can the recorder be exotic and sexy? The Quartet New Generation, or QNG, a recorder collective, is trying to break down stereotypes about contemporary classical music. Sarah Elzas has this profile.
The QNG has a wonderful site as does Sarah Elzas.

The Haunting Song of the Sami
Jana Mange is a member of Sweden’s indigenous Sami and also one of Sweden’s few professional singers of Joik or traditional Sami songs. She tells Radio Sweden all about the Joik tradition.
Folksy Links has a compendium of Nordic Music for the enthusiast.

Romanian Noise Pollution
Radio Romania’s Iulian Muresan explains how Bucharest’s development has turned into a noisy din. Its the kind of noise that can even damage your health.
Iulian Muresan's day job is at Radio Romania International.

Click here to download the program as a high quality mp3 file!


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