Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Price at the Pump

This is how this week's program germinated. It was pretty simple really. I filled up my 13 year old Renault 19's tank with gas, it was particularly empty, and saw the counter soar up to 60 Euros! That's $75 folks! I got pissed off. I wanted answers. And I got some. This week: The Price at the Pump.

The Expert Says Oil Prices are Right
The top 5 oil companies combined made 112 billion dollars last year. At the same time, they’re claiming to be in trouble. What’s going on here? Jonathan Groubert asks Dr. Coby van der Linden of the Clingendael Energy Institute why the price at the pump is so high.
Click here to go to the site of the Clingendael Energy Institute
Royal Dutch Shell's
Sustainability Reports

Environmentalist Spins Oil Profits
Jonathan Groubert interviews Hannah Griffiths, Royal Dutch Shell expert at the environmental group, Friends of the Earth. She points out that oil company profits

Norway’s Arctic Oil Bonanza
Norway is exploiting new gas fields in the Barents Sea, much to the consternation of environmentalists and joy of the locals. Lars Bevanger reports from Lillehammer.

Segment 4 - Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan Pipeline Opens
Americans outflanking the Russians. Wars in the Caucuses. Turkey currying favor with the EU. Jonathan Groubert interviews Dorian Jones about the woes and benefits of Turkeys part in the oil pipeline that hopes to avoid the Middle East and sideline Russia.

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