Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Best of the Quest Part 5 = Living Apart Together Part 2

The Red Head Dead? The End of the Red Head? Can it be? Read On.

Segment 1 - French ‘Grande Ecole’ Recruits Minorities
Five years ago France’s Institute of Political Studies decided it was time to change the resolutely white, upper class profile of its student body, and reach out to the untouchables of French society. Frank Browning filed this profile of the Institute.
Science-Po's Official Site

Segment 2 - Colonial France Rehabilitated?
French colonialism still has repercussions to this day. After all, many of the young men burning cars in the French suburbs were the sons of immigrants from the former empire. So, should France be proud of its colonial past? Nick Champeaux reports.

Segment 3 - Germans Have Hard Time Integrating to Holland
Mira Peeters from the University of Nijmegen wrote her doctoral thesis on the integration of German immigrants. She found that most Germans have a hard time feeling Dutch, and that the Dutch themselves aren’t really helping. Thijs Westerbeek reports.
Interesting discussion continues on the EXPATICA web site.

Segment 4 - End of the Red Head?
Can it really be true that, as a result of migration and ethnic mixing, there will be no redheads in 50 years time? Kathy Clugston spoke with dr. Eric Sistemans.

Kathy wrote an article with picture of people with genuinely red hair!

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