Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Singing the Praises

Songs with an unexpected religious twist in this week's show. At left, she's sexy; she's hip hop; she's klezmer! She's Sophie Solomon and she's making Klezmer kinda...well...hot!

Madonna Concert Deemed Blasphemous by Dutch Christians
A Pew Study on European Values says just 21% of Europeans say religion is "very important" to them. So, if that’s the case, why did Dutch Protestants protest a recent Madonna concert? Jonathan Groubert reports...
Read more on this here....

French Evangelicals
Promising miracles, joyful gospel singing and rebaptisms, the Evangelical and Charismatic churches are growing and growing. One American preacher just finished a week in Paris. The meetings were unprecedented both in size and in style. Alison Hird pulled up a pew.

Turkish Islamic Pop
Yeshil, the latest Turkish music craze, joins pious Islam with wicked guitar licks. Dorian Jones meets the king of Yeshil pop in Istanbul. And asks what this unlikely musical fusion says about modern Turkey.

Vienna Boys’ Choir Sing Talking Heads
The Vienna Boys Choir is steeped in tradition. But as Louise Potterton recently heard with her own ears, a more modern sound has been wafting from the eaves of the baroque palace where the boys live and rehearse.

Klezmer the New Cool: Sophie Solomon
Currently on tour with her new band in Europe, Cinnamon Nippard caught up with violinist Sophie Solomon who fearlessly joins Hip Hop with Klezmer.

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