Tuesday, October 10, 2006

European Disunion

At right: Worth the money? The European Parliament in Strasbourg.

It used to be only the British who were the Euroskeptics. Now it seems to be a sport open to all. Does the EU have a future or is the game over? European Disunion in this week's EuroQuest.
Segment 1 - RNW’s Brussels Correspondent Discusses EU Disunity
Jonathan Groubert and Brussels correspondent Vanessa Mock mull over the causes and consequences of the current crisis in confidence in the EU.

Segment 2 - Swedish MEP Campaigns to Get Euro Parliament Out of Strasbourg
The European Parliament is located in Brussels. It also spends 4 days a month in Strasbourg. The OneSeat campaign this is a great waste of time and money. Jonathan Groubert speaks to Swedish Member of European Parliament Cecilia Malmstrom, of OneSeat.

Segment 3 - Will Turkey Ever Join the EU?
Jonathan Groubert discusses the countrys recent disinterest in joining the EU with Turkey correspondent Dorian Jones.
Turkey EU Accession bid site.

Segment 4 - Is Spain’s EU Love Affair Over?
Now structural funds from the EU are about to head east to the new and even poorer member states like Hungary and Poland, Danny Wood wonders out loud if Spaniards think that the best days of their relationship with Europe are over?
Spain's page at the EU's official Web Site.

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