Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Should governments spy on their citizens? Is giving up some freedom in the name of security worth it? This week's EuroQuest wonders out loud if European governments are spying on their own citizens in the same way the American government has attempted in NSA spying scandal.

Cees Hamelink on European Personal Spying Part 1
Jonathan Groubert interviews Internet privacy expert and ethicist Professor Cees Hamelink of the University of Amsterdam on new European surveillance laws.

French Privacy under Pressure
RFI’s Alice Moss investigates the problematic elements of new French anti-terrorism security measures.

Hamelink on European Personal Spying Part 2
Cees Hamelink returns, comments on the French situation and discusses the ethics of potential new European-wide security measures.

Russian Dissdent Claims Russia is Ruled by Spies
Former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky explains why he thinks Russia is being run by the security services. And how the war in Chechnya got them there. The interview was conducted by Margreet Strijbos and produced by Jonathan Groubert.

Click here to download the program as a high quality mp3.

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At 7:21 AM, Blogger weatherall said...

Thanks Jonathan and the rest of the Euroquest team. This was my favorite Euroquest episode so far, with a clever synthesis of stories about citizen privacy and Russian intelligence. I didn't previously know about the FSB's involvement in Chechen violence, and I'm glad I learned about it here.

I would say the only thing that has changed for me due to privacy concerns is that I won't discuss my political views over the phone. That means I don't really talk politics with my dad and stepmom who live across the country (about 3200 km), unless we're visiting (a couple times per year).

(Heard on 6165 khz, 0400-0456 UTC, 04 October 2006. Sony ICF SW7600GR receiver, SIO 555)

weatherall, san francisco

At 7:20 PM, Blogger Jonathan Groubert said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Weatherall. I would keep talking politics over the phone though. No need to be that scared.


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