Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Art: new and renewed

This week: a different look at the arts.

Stay tuned in the coming days for some important news about EuroQuest.

Segment 1 - The Study of Sound
Berlin’s University of the Arts has just opened up a new degree course in Sound Studies. Sound Studies is a very appealing idea to us radio makers and so Berlin resident independent producer Cinnamon Nippard went for a look, I mean, a listen.

Segment 2 - The Rise of the Lithuanian Film Industry (not in Newshole Edition)
Lithuania is a highly skilled and inexpensive alternative to filming in London or Los Angeles. Now they’re filming a new movie about the life of Pope John Paul II and Sabina Casagrande was there.

Segment 3 - Treating Gaming Addiction
Smith and Jones is an Amsterdam clinic that has opened Europe’s first treatment center for gaming addicts. The clinic’s director told Fiona Campbell that about 1 million youngsters are susceptible to getting seriously hooked in Holland alone.

Segment 4 - Greatest Yeats Exhibition Opens in Dublin
A major exhibition just opened in Dublin where you can learn about Yeats’ life, loves, his surprisingly active interest in the occult and yes, there’s even some poetry. Louise Williams drew inspiration in Dublin.

Click here to download the program as an mp3


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