Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back to Belsen Part 2

This week, Berthe Meijer and 70 other Dutch Bergen Belsen survivors return to the remains of the camp to inaugaurate a memorial plaque that some feel comes decades too late. Plus, a mini integration theme with a look at Dublin's ever increasing Polish population and a story of how Italy is integrating its Chinese community.

Segment 1 - Back to Belsen Part 2
Berthe Meijer is a holocaust survivor. Last week she told us how, in 1943, in Nazi occupied Holland, she, her sister, mother and father were rounded up by the Nazi’s and sent to Camp Westerbork in the Netherlands and then on to Bergen Belsen in Germany where she would spend the rest of the war. Last month, 61 years later, she and 69 other Dutch survivors returned to the site of the camp to inaugurate a new Dutch memorial. Today Berthe is going back to Belsen.

Segment 2 - Warsaw on the Liffey: Polish Immigrants in Ireland
When the EU took in ten new members in 2004, Ireland was one of only three countries to open its borders right away to workers from these states. Since then, about a quarter of a million immigrants flooded into an Irish population of only about four million. Perro de Jong tried to find out what has become of the newest Irish residents.

Segment 3 - Chinese Integrate to Italy
Dany Mitzman saw first hand how an organization based in the small town of Carpi, near Modena, has been running a project for contacting and legalizing Chinese businesses.

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