Tuesday, November 28, 2006

SEX....and consequences

A very sexy EuroQuest this week, but not without something to think about! Read on....

Segment 1 - Red Light District Still Black (content advisory)
RNs Dutch Affairs Editor Saskia van Reenen looks at the reality of legalized prostitution in the Netherlands. The assumption was that legalization would benefit the prostitutes get them better, safer working conditions.
But according to prostitutes organization The Red Thread, shady, semi-legal "escort bureaus" are now taking the place of the legalized brothels, and sex workers are no better off than they were before.

Segment 2 - Forced Prostitution in Germany
At the time of the world cup there were fears that as many as 40,000 sex slaves would be trafficked to Germany to take advantage of the event. Mike Mühlberger reports that the International Organization found it was impossible to put an exact figure on trafficking.

Segment 3 - Feminist Porn in Berlin (content advisory)
Some feminists argue that women actually like porn, that is why some female industry insiders are getting behind the camera - to reclaim their positions in front of it.Cinnamon Nippard reports from the first Porn Film Festival held in Berlin.

Segment 4 - The Emotional Consequences of Terminating an Abnormal Fetus
A Dutch report concludes that parents who decide to terminate their pregnancy because of a serious birth defect of the fetus often experience serious feelings of doubt, failure and guilt. Barry Thorne investigates the trauma of the medical abortion of a much-wanted child.

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