Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Questions of Morality

At right, Internet hipsters

This week guest host and producer Daniel Frankl and Sarah Johnson examine questions of morality facing Europe today.

Fighting for the right to say No
The Desertion rate within the British forces has doubled since start of the Iraq war in 2003. Lars Bevanger listens to the story of one deserter having to fight his conscience as well as the enemy.
The Washington Post has a roundup of the coverage on this issue.

Questions of conscience in Turkey
In Turkey every man has to serve 18 months in the army. While normally an honor, a small group of new objectors are standing up and ending up behind bars. Dorian Jones takes up the story of one individual.

Norway’s (Paradise) Prison
Around 110 male prisoners live on the island of Bastøy in excellent conditions. As Guy Degen reports, they are given an extraordinary degree of freedom, trust and responsibility.
Another interesting article on the prison.

The Open Enclosed Nuns
The nuns of the Matris Domini Convent in Italy are bringing a new meaning to the word Enclosed. In fact they are now taking one giant virtual leap into the outside world, all the way into cyber space! Dany Mitzman reports.
Yes, of course, they have a site.

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