Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Far Out Far Right

At right, Jean Marie le Pen is running for President of France again. Does the far right candidate stand a chance of winning, or at least upsetting the election like he did last time? No one knows of course, but sometimes it seems like all of Europe is rushing rightwards. We discuss in this week's show.

Segment 1 - After French Law and Pamuk’s Win, Turkey Lurches to the Right
Turkey correspondent Dorian Jones discusses with Jonathan Groubert how Orhan Pamuks Nobel Prize win and the new French bill making it illegal to suggest that Turkey did NOT commit the genocide of a million Armenians have made Turkeys politics lurch to the right.

Segment 2 - How Far Out Are the Dutch Far Right?
Jonathan and Hague correspondent Andy Clark discuss the bevy of colorful characters populating the new Dutch right as they compete for seats in next Dutch parliamentary elections.

He of the Mozart hair. At left, far right policitian Geert Wilders will try to take his and even more parliamentary seats in this month's Dutch elections.

Segment 3 - Why the Extreme Right Wing Is So Popular in Flanders
The extreme right wing party Vlaams Belang or Flemish interest partyregularly gets over 30% of the Flemish electorate voting for them. Jonathan and Belgian political commentator Stefan Walrave discuss their success.

Segment 4 - Jean Marie Le Pen Ready for French Election
RFI reporter Hannah Godfrey asks if National Front leader, Jean Marie Le Pen, can succeed in the next French election.

Segment 5 - A Musical Look at Reforming the UN (not available in Newshole Version)
Our Barry Thorne has been hearing some very different music about what direction the UN should be going in.

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